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It's business as usual at BioOnics. Here's what were doing to stay safe and open.

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BioOnics exists to make life a little better through the products we make and
the water we give

Our products

At BIOONICS we became tired of people taking general multivitamin formulas that claim to solve all your problems. We set out to create the most honest, effective and best tasting effervescent tablets that did exactly what they said on the tube.

Creating specific products for specific needs using the very best natural ingredients found all over the world. That's the BIOONICS way.

Bubbles that do things™



Reset - Morning Elixir

Daily consumption of Milk Thistle blocks toxins from entering the liver whilst removing harmful present toxins.

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Pause - Sleep Saviour

Japanese L-Theanine calms the mind and nervous system before bed priming your for the best quality sleep.

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Forcefield - Immune Insurance

Trace Minerals are hard to get in your diet. We've paired these with our Vitamin complex that will leave you feeling energised whilst maintaining your immune health.

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Zinc stimulates antiviral activity, in turn improving immune function

Iron is crucial in the production of red blood cells that enable the transportation of oxygen around the body. Severe deficiencies in iron can lead to Anaemia.

Surfers in Hawai were found to be deficient in vitamin D3. Without adequate D3 levels, you cells, hormones, neurotransmitters, mood and sleep are all effected.

Theanine has been shown to boost working memory. The ability to recall information thats on the tip of your tongue. Walnuts and blueberries also help!

45% of people are deficient in B12. Not having an adequate source of B12 in your diet can lead to multiple health issue, so, many of us should be supplementing.

Magnesium is critical for repairing DNA damage. DNA damage occurs through pollution, alcohol, toxins, x-rays, and more.

The BIOONICS clean water initiative

For every tube you buy...

We donate a weeks worth of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic

At BioOnics we have always taken for granted the ability to drop one of our magic tablets into a clean glass of water. When we discovered that 665 million people around the world do not have access to clean water, we felt compelled to help.

We teamed up with water for good. A wonderful charity with a hands-on approach to solving the water crisis in the Central African Republic. They specialise in the drilling, maintenance and education of water sources in local communities.

Why the Central African Republic?

Life expectancy
One of the lowest in the world

185th out of 187
on the Human Development Index
(United Nations)

Access to clean water is the most basic step toward a better quality of life. Having an adequate water source improves the likelihood of a child staying in education and a family being healthy and financially secure.

Who are we?

In the Summer of 2001 Ben went over to Sam's for the first time. 18 years later Ben went over to Sam's with a crazy idea...Ben worked in downstream oil and gas, wasn't satisfied with what he was doing and felt his health was being effected by it. He noticed everyone at work would pop a multivitamin effervescent tablet to solve a variety of issues. Whether that be a hangover, help shake off a bad nights sleep, energise or motivate them for the day ahead.

Ben would have his own natural formula to solve each issue that he would be presented with. The next thought went, if they have the form, a simple yet beautiful effervescent tablet, and I have the formula, why not combine the two?

Scratching his head for a few months, Ben managed to write 3 tip top formulas that would blow the effervescent market wide open.

The only thing missing was Ben needed a partner. Who else but his trusty old friend Sam to help on the journey of making the world's best fizzy tablets and disrupt a market that hasn't changed in 40 years.

Ben and Sam spoke for all of 15 minutes. BioOnics, Bubbles that do things™ was born.

What people are saying


'I've been taking Reset every morning for the last 3 weeks. It energises and motivates me to get going in the morning. Great replacement for that coffee.'


'Pause has become a big part of my evening routine.'


'Forcefield fuels my body with everything it needs to be at its best'


'I take Forcefield for the plethora of trace minerals, selenium and iodine. I feel healthier with more sustained energy throughout the day.'


‘I bring it everywhere with me, its perfect for travelling around. It just helps you keep feeling fresh.’

We love to see people using our products so send in a picture of you with your bubbles to win free products!