Why bubbles are better - the facts behind the fizz.


You might be wondering why we chose to put all our natural ingredients into an effervescent, rather than popping them into pills or jamming them into juices. We have a few good reasons why. Here they are:


#1 Increased bioavailability of nutrients

This is the big one. When we take in nutrients in an effervescent form, they become more bioavailable. In other words, our bodies can absorb more of them, in a more efficient way. This is great, because it’s all very well topping up your nutrient intake, but it’s not going to do anything if you don’t absorb them properly.


#2 Gentle on your stomach

Effervescent tablets dissolve completely and evenly in water, meaning the ingredients are all nicely spread out. When you drink them, they don’t cause any localised concentration of ingredients in your stomach, meaning there’s less chance of irritation. Basically, your stomach will thank you for downing a Reset, just like your pounding head will too.


#3 Hydration, hydration hydration

As we all know, hydration is key - we’re about 60% water so it’s only logical we keep our stores topped up. Bananas are 75% water, and you can bet they keep pretty hydrated. Be like a banana. Have a drink. Preferably with a dose of bubbles.


#4 Bubbles are fun

Our founder Ben noticed that people really love the fizzy form of effervescents, especially when they’re feeling a bit under the weather. Effervescents are a fun little way of getting in your vitamins and minerals without feeling like it’s a chore. We hate chores, especially cleaning out the bins. That’s the worst.

Amy Bridgeforth