Your internal upgrade when you need to be at your productive best

Natural mood and liver support

Hybrid vitamin and electrolyte blend

Reset is a hangover elixir made from the finest, most effective ingredients we could find. Often, people just pop pills for a pounding headache, or up their energy with sugary drinks. We’ve taken ingredients that individually cure certain things, then blended them together to make a powerful little concoction that helps with all of the specific elements that make up a hangover. Like Silymarine, used for thousands of years for liver detox (it’s rumoured that they used it to combat snake poisoning in ancient Egypt), amino acids that make you feel great and ginger root - a wonder for sickness. There’s quite a few others in there... electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But no bad stuff, whatsoever. We’re quite proud of this blend - it took us 30 tweaks to get it right.



Relax your mind & body

Maximize Sleep Quality 

Wake up feeling relaxed & replenished

Sleep is pretty much the best thing in the world. It’s right up there with a good back scratcher. Which is why not getting enough of it sucks. It can cause you to feel stressed and emotional, your productivity goes right down, you can get ill more easily and there are even links to poor sleepers having a higher chance of scary problems like heart disease and stroke. No thanks. Pause is a sleep saviour made up of a few special ingredients that are known to help you get a better night’s sleep. Ever heard of l-theanine? It’s like the Mike Tyson of the amino acid world. It’s found in the very best green teas like macha and it’s brilliant at helping you relax, decrease anxiety and give you better quality of sleep. Also in the bubbly mix are a few sleepy favourites like chamomile and lemon balm - that’s why we called it laidback lemon balm. Now, lean back and Pause.



Your personal immune insurance

An armada of vitamins and botanicals

Punchy passionfruit flavour

The worst thing about being ill is when it’s really, really inconvenient. When you’ve got a date with your mates, a holiday or an important meeting with an astronaut (you never know). We all want to be at our best all the time, so we created Forcefield. We’ve packed this little guy to the brim with vitamins and minerals like chromium, selenium, vitamin D3, A, E, B8, B5, Zinc, Iron, potassium and manganese. And no bad stuff, whatsoever. Imagine it’s like a big invisible shield that keeps your immune system safe, so you can get on with being epic in your day. You never know when you need to meet an astronaut after all, so best to take out some immune insurance. Other ways to make sure your immune system stays fighting fit are to eat the rainbow, sweat like you mean it in the gym or your living room every day, and get out into the sun.