The Science Behind the Hangover

Understand whats going on inside

We all know that alcohol gives us hangovers. Most of the time because we give into temptation and drink a little more than we probably should. Or maybe you’ve found that you just can’t drink how you used to. If two day hangovers are becoming a recurrence.  Something needs to be done. The main reason we feel hungover after consuming alcohol is the dehydrating effect of the active component of alcohol which is ethanol. The toxic effect of ethanol has a diuretic effect which means an increased urine production eventually leading to an electrolyte imbalance as your body tries to eliminate the toxins from your body. 

Whilst your hydration levels are at an all-time low, your body ‘borrows’ water from your brain which leads to the classic hangover headache! This is why we created our own formula RESET. Our electrolyte infused formula not only increases hydration but also helps to balance and recharge your electrolytes for optimal bodily function and mental performance. Along with a plethora of natural active ingredients to help detox the liver and rid you of the nausea. 

The tried and tested method of simply increasing water intake simply does not work, as it only operates on the basis of damage limitation!

To achieve the best possible results in getting over your hangover you need to avoid caffeine. Have something to detox your body, some neuroprotective L theanine and a full complex of electrolytes. Despite common belief, reaching for a morning coffee is the worst thing you can do on a hangover as it also acts as a diuretic. If you’re accustomed to drinking orange juice on your hangover to up your vitamin C levels. Don’t. The acidic nature wreaks havoc with your already sensitive stomach lining.

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it increases your urine output when consumed. When we drink alcohol, it inhibits the hormone vasopressin which is an antidiuretic. This hormone acts on your kidney’s collecting duct by adding channels which allow reabsorption of water from urine into your blood, making your urine more concentrated. Without this hormone, your body starts losing a lot more water in your urine meaning you need to pee more frequently, hence the term breaking the seal. Alcohol also delays stomach emptying, making your feel the need to be sick - this being another major cause of dehydration. Staying hydrated whilst your drink, as well as being properly hydrated before and after is really important. It will avoid getting too drunk too quickly and ensure you can recover better in the morning.

Rehydrating the morning is vital and the best way to do this is refuelling your body with not only water but electrolyte solutions. Electrolytes are minerals like sodium potassium and magnesium that help maintain the balance of water in your body along with a lot more important functions. By also increasing electrolyte intake, you increase the amount of fluids your body is able to absorb also. This is why our own “Reset” is a great way of fuelling your body the morning after a big night, it contains not only all the electrolytes you need to rehydrate, but also contains so much more to help your body recover faster. It contains milk thistle, which helps increase the function of your liver whilst it breaks down the alcohol from the night before. It also contains the amino acid L-theanine which helps to reduce your blood pressure and nausea, as well as vital vitamins like B and C to help your body return to normal as quickly as possible.

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