Why use Magnesium?

One of the most important elements you're not getting enough of

When you hear stats like... 'up to 80% of us are deficient’ in something that really helps our wellbeing, my instant reaction is… how can we make something to help.

80% of people are deficient in magnesium. That’s why we put it in all three of our products.

BioOnics has always been about boosting people's quality of life through simple products that are centred around improving one's wellbeing. Whoever you are, wherever you are. We create products that do just that - if you need to optimise your sleep, focus, even skin complexion we have something for you. Everything we create has a purpose and fits into your day to day life.

Magnesium is essential to life. Mood support, metabolising glucose for energy, helping to relax your central nervous system and loads more.It also helps your body recover and eases tension in your muscles. It simply is a mineral you need in your life. Whatever product you incorporate into your life, make sure it has adequate magnesium. All three BioOnics products have a great dose of Magnesium. Pause can help to keep the bodies levels elevated. There is no organ that does not rely on magnesium.

One of the fastest ways to get magnesium into your system is via an effervescent tablet. We have some secrets in the way we make the tablets that allow for greater absorption, We make products that add a real difference to your life. Our sleep Saviour Pause will help you get to sleep and top up your bodies natural magnesium levels. We have reset- Our morning Elixir you take it in the morning. Not only does it have a cognition blend, detoxification blend, vitamins, trace minerals and electrolytes, it also is a great source of magnesium. In our opinion, it’s the easier way of getting magnesium into your life

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