The worst thing about being ill is when it’s really, really inconvenient. Like, when you’ve got a date with your mates, a holiday or an important meeting with an astronaut (you never know).

We all want to be on our best form all the time, so we created Forcefield.

We’ve packed this little guy to the brim with vitamins and minerals like chromium, selenium, vitamin D3, A, E, B8, B5, Zinc, Iron, potassium and manganese. And no bad stuff, whatsoever.

Imagine it’s like a big invisible shield that keeps your immune system safe, so you can get on with being epic in your day. You never know when you need to meet an astronaut after all, so best to take out some immune insurance.

Other ways to make sure your immune system stays fighting fit are to eat the rainbow, sweat like you mean it in the gym or your living room every day, and get out into the sun.