Reset is a hangover elixir made from the finest, most effective ingredients we could find.

Often, people just pop pills for a pounding headache, or up their energy with sugary drinks. We’ve taken ingredients that individually cure certain things, then blended them together to make a powerful little concoction that helps with all of the specific elements that make up a hangover.

Like sylmarine, used for thousands of years for liver detox (it’s rumoured that they used it to combat snake poisoning in ancient Egypt), amino acids that make you feel great and ginger root - a wonder for sickness. There’s quite a few others in there... electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But no bad stuff, whatsoever.

We’re quite proud of this blend - it took us 30 tweaks to get it right. We think you’ll like it too.

If not, here’re a few other hangover remedies to try:

  1. Eat a deep fried canary (a favourite of Pliny the Elder).

  2. Drink clotted cream and rum.

  3. Rub lemon into your armpit before drinking.

  4. Eat pickled plums (say that really fast 20 times).

  5. Do as in Haiti and stick voodoo pins into the cork of the bottle what done the deed.

  6. Three words: Dried. Bull. Penis. An old favourite of Sicilians...apparently.