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Our Story

One thing that has stayed consistent throughout my life is the interest in how my health effects what I’m up to. In 2006 I very proudly won the local village under ten fun run. I was absolutely 100% convinced my win was down to what I had for breakfast that morning, a couple of boiled eggs with a generous side of toast. My interest in optimising performance was somehow born.

The interest started to escalate into a passion. Whatever I did I wanted a natural potion to make myself a little better, rugby, running, exams you name it I attempted a formula. This often resulted in staining my Mum’s kitchen surface a beautiful purply red through my weekly beetroot pursuit for outlandish endurance. Results were mixed but this passion followed me wherever I went.

Overtime I found myself working in the City of London. I was out a lot with clients. The issue? My impending hangover the next day. Unsatisfied by the effervescent tablets my co-workers would drink I decided to create my own natural potion. It tasted awful but the effect was fantastic.

The next thought went something like this. If they have the form, a small yet beautiful effervescent tablet, and I have the effect, why not combine the two? BioOnics - Bubbles That Do Things was born. I quit my job the following Monday and launched BioOnics. A year and a half of trial and error, failed tablet tests, pitching with no product, figuring out how to get this thing off the ground, a fantastic group of like-minded individuals didn’t want to burst the bubble and decided to back the business. Three uniquely different products later we were finally ready to launch.

The only remaining issue was it was still just me. I needed someone I trust with a complementary skill set to deliver bubbles to the world. After some convincing, Sam decided to part ways with architecture and join the world of natural bubbly things.

That’s the story so far. I hope we can make you feel great and that you love our products.